Engage website visitors using two-way text messaging and instant callback technology.

With our multi-channel AI-powered communication widget you can stop chasing leads and start closing deals instantly turning website visitors into customers.

Win more customers with personalized welcome

Greet every website visitor with an automated video welcome that can book appointments, capture leads, and drive more sales.

How Local Super Chat helps Your business...

Greet, Serve, and Sell to each website visitor - on autopilot

  • Greet each visitor
  • Book move in appointment
  • Capture more leads
  • Sell specials directly


Record a personal message that will appear in friendly a attention-grabbing bubble ready to welcome anyone who visits your website. You only have one chance to make a great first impression!

Get Started in three simple steps

Record a Quick Video

Create a highly personal video to connect with your visitors and lead them to take a specific action.


Style the video welcome widget to match your web site's branding & color scheme.

Connect Channels

Decide how you'd like visitors to respond, and set relevant call to actions.

Integrate Local Super Chat with your favorite communication & business tools

Greet your website visitors with a powerful video welcome message, then lead them to connect with you via communication channels & tools you already use!

Make YOUR business grow faster with Local Super Chat

Discover the exciting ways that Local Super Chat can help you to win more customers, build your online presence and grow your business faster.

Engage with Specials

Welcome each visitor to your website with a personal video. Lead prospects to action with Get a month Free Campaigns

Handle after Hours questions without having to speak to customers Directly and get the messages on our custom phone app or desktop app

Add a Human Touch To Your Website and Lead Your Visitors To Take The Important Actions You Need To Help You Lease up your Facility

Local Super Chat is a flexible solution and can be adapted to deliver new sales automation strategies as your business grows.


We can install Local Super Chat in Minutes

Add Local Super Chat to any website page with a single line of code and start driving more sales, signups, and brand awareness.


Track your engagement analytics

Use Local Super Chats built-in analytics to find out how many customers opened, clicked, and engaged with each video.


Customize your Local Super Chat Setup

Add a unique Local Super Chat to any page, product, or offer on your website to drive multiple conversion and business goals.


Save time compared to chat apps

Avoid, commitment, and manual, round the clock monitoring and replies that traditional chatbots and chat apps demand.


Keep Your brand and website Fresh

Record regular video content to give your visitors a fresh welcome and new reasons to come back to your website.

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